TR Flying Europas 4

TEONE REINTHAL is a multi-disciplinary artist, producing plant-based, fine fragrances from rare and precious natural ingredients.

All artisanal perfumes are exclusively made from essential oils, absolutes, resins, tinctures and balsams harvested from the buds, blossoms, fruit, berries, seeds, leaves, sticks, stems, heartwood, bark, mosses, lichens, resins, roots and rhizomes of exquisite living plants.



As well as our stunning, vintage French crystal dab-on flacons, we also have a variety of very lovely 30ml atomiser bottle styles, upon which we use the very best quality of premium spray atomisers for a sturdy fine mist spray. As a small-batch, artisan producer, (and depending on our stock at time of purchase), we use various bottles to fulfill our orders. Our philosophy is that we specialise in hand-crafting original and uniquely beautiful perfume, and as such, even though our bottles are aesthetically very pleasing, they are always secondary to that fact. The major portion of each product’s value always lies in the generosity of truly rare and precious ingredients used in in the product, not in its packaging. We sincerely hope you enjoy them all.

*Please note:- we also have 50ml atomisers which are exclusively available for large orders, and especially reserved for retail stockists, due to the different shipping class and much higher cost in shipping them. Please email us if you’d like to order our 50ml spray atomisers.

TR Spice mix
TR East MF 50ml

No animal testing. No pthalates. Hand-made in Australia since 2010