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TEONE REINTHAL is a multi-disciplinary Australian artist, producing original, plant-based, fine fragrances from rare and precious natural ingredients since 1997.

All fragrances are exclusively made from essential oils, absolutes, resins, tinctures and balsams harvested from the buds, blossoms, fruit, berries, seeds, leaves, sticks, stems, heartwood, bark, mosses, lichens, resins, roots and rhizomes of exquisite living plants.

The BOHEMIAN 7 is a bold new theatrical collection of playfully joyful fragrances, each one inspired by memories of extraordinary encounters with people and places that left lasting impressions in my life. Emotionally-charged with life force, which Bohemian is your favourite character? ​

Intensely fragrant mood-scapes, our Signature Scents are hand-crafted from rare and precious natural ingredients, and are designed to beguile and mesmerise, to leave a glorious scent trail of unforgettable presence. The Evening Star Signature Scents are Earth stories, Nature tales. Flying carpets to distant shores and ancient worlds. Romance borne on the winds of time.

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"Aligning my personal, professional and planetary values around creative expression, I'm humbly grateful for the opportunity to share what I've learned, in my studio practice and from the gift of life."
~ Teone

Discover the shimmering light and shade of our Summer Set Trio - ONE RAINY WISH, CARAVAGGIO and TENERIFFE

DISCOVER fragrances made exclusively from pure essential oils, absolutes and tinctures
Pure, undiluted, traditional fragrance blended from rare and precious natural materials

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