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A Carnival of Joy

The BOHEMIAN 7 is a brand new collection of eclectic fragrances that were inspired by people, events and places that left lasting impressions in my life, and shaped the person that I’ve grown to become.

I have presented their back-stories in excerpted prose from plays, short stories and poems that I wrote and produced over many years.

All of the gorgeous accompanying illustrations were created by my darling daughter, Phoebe Reinthal ©2023, a gifted multi-disciplinary artist. Much more about her art to come. …

Let the show begin!

Summer’s golden radiance sparkled through the lush and glistening canopy, dappling the paths and roads throughout the village like sky-jewels reflected on every willing surface. The villagers were relaxed, deeply comforted in the knowledge that all around them was in-harmony.

Recent and spectacular Spring rains had hydrated the forest so well, that it shimmered with a festival of luscious flowers and fruits and all was cool in the shade. Powerful Owls and Tawny Frogmouths readied themselves for an evening’s grand ballet of swooping onto the silvery, moonlit roads below.

A quiet, silken drift of time between day and night peacefully unfolded, and the chiming symphony of Bellbirds dwindled down to several hushed and fading tinkles as they settled into their branches and hollows in the dusk light.

It was the still point of the evening star. A time for stories, for songs, for poetry and for love…. the greatest drama of all…

The Full Collection of the BOHEMIAN 7 is available in a beautifully gift-boxed set of 7 x 30ml spray atomisers and is accompanied by a signed postcard from Bohemia – signed by Teone (the perfumer) and Phoebe Reinthal (visual artist)

BOHO 7 testersThe Bohemian 7 Discovery set of 7 x 2.5ml spray testers is also gift-boxed and makes a gorgeous gift of beautiful scents.








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