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A portable mini wardrobe of Fragrant Joys

This is the third time I was just about to hit the PAY NOW button on ordering a large quantity of custom-printed, partition-separated, pre-filled sample set boxes for our 2.5ml testers. And once again I found I just couldn’t do it…

Instead, I want you to receive and open a gorgeous paper drawer that we’ve filled with the little bottles of fragrances that you’ve chosen. The teeny little bottles have been hand-filled, hand labeled and slipped into a little monogrammed cloth bag and tucked into the drawer … by us, for you. It’s personal.

Its a gift that flows both ways, your gift to us is your faith in us, your willingness to invest in our creative vision. Our gift to you is our care and dedication to the pursuit of artisanal excellence. Person-to-person. We hope you enjoy our new discovery sets. – Sustainable luxuries made with total love and devotion.

Our brand new discovery sets are available in a set of 3 or 5 x 2.5ml fragrances that contain the fragrances of your choice selected from our current catalogue of fine fragrances. Your choices may be specified at checkout in the NOTES section, or you can ask me to curate a customised set for you by offering a brief description of your personal taste in fragrances.

PLEASE NOTE: All current catalogue fragrances are available as testers. Back Catalogue fragrances are not available in tester sizes.

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Discovery set of 3 x 2.5ml spray atomisers, Discovery set of 5 x 2.5ml spray atomisers