I respectfully acknowledge the traditional owners of Australia; First Nations people of the past, present and future.​


Perfume is a flying carpet. It’s my favourite method of escape from troubling elements in life. Long ago, I learned that it wasn’t enough for me to just go out and buy it. I couldn’t find the potency, the intensity, or the right emotional spectrum I was seeking. I wanted different, and so I learned to make different.

Most of my formulas are inspired by perfumery traditions that draw their scent profiles from intensely aromatic, rare and precious natural ingredients.

Typically, my fragrance compositions are heavy, dense, raw, and emotional. Their progressions are unpredictable, and many are shape-shifters. For me, they are wild creatures, each filled with life force and purpose; both personal and planetary purpose.

Each composition arises from a sensory impression that floats around me for a while – it’s often a scent-story about a place. Many of the compositions evolve to contain fragments of human drama, and yet they are earth stories, nature tales.

As an olfactory artist, my dreams are filled with characters and nature forces that shout out loud, in the middle of the night… or whisper… the names of missing pieces in my perfume puzzles, the identities of essences that resolve each brew, revealing, finally, the composition as finished work.

– TR ©2022

Teone in Ascot Vale 23


Manufactured over 60 years ago, our signature flacons are vintage French crystal (Vererrie Cristal D’Arques) and vintage Italian glass (Braun). These were designed as luxury dab-on decanters and are highly collectible flacons. In addition, we offer 30ml and 50ml crimped spray glass atomisers.

All of our bottles are accurately filled by measure to the amount specified, (10ml, 30ml, 50ml and 100ml), and we also are required to allow a small space in each bottle for ullage (room in the bottle for expansion of contents due to fluctuating conditions of air freight during international shipping). The ullage is a requirement of aviation safety regulations.

PLEASE NOTE: As well as our crystal flacons, all of our fragrances are available in spray atomisers in a range of sizes including 10ml, 30ml, 50ml and 100ml styles. Atomiser bottles will vary from time to time, depending on what’s available at time of purchase. We cannot guarantee any one particular style of bottle for any particular fragrance as we are a small-batch, artisan perfumery and rely on bottle stock as is available in small quantities of less than 10,000.

NUIT 100


I have recently changed my brand name from TRNP (Teone Reinthal Natural Perfume) to a simpler name – just Teone Reinthal. I still exclusively make natural perfume, but have given myself more room to play around with other non-perfumery ventures too (painting, pottery, writing & gemstone jewellery).

As well, I have changed the description of the juice – from eau de parfums – to absolu de parfums, as they are very high octane concentrations of natural plant-based materials. The least of which is a ratio of 35% fragrance formula to alcohol.

Our perfume catalogue showcases extraordinary botanical materials which are listed and discussed in the product descriptions.

No animal testing ever.

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My fragrances are comprised of 2 parts:- a concentrated natural fragrance ‘cordial’ (or concentrate), to which is added the perfume diluent (or carrier medium). The fragrance cordials are blended from botanical ingredients that have been distilled, extracted or hand-tinctured. These cordials are diluted in media such as fractionated coconut oil, alcohol, filtered water.

Our solid perfumes/unguent are made solid in a base of organic beeswax and coconut oil. After simple unbleached paper filtering, (fining) these blends become finished fragrances. Over time, many of the fragrances will reveal some tiny particles of resins and absolutes that settle at the bottom of the bottle. This is a hallmark of natural perfume. Shake and spray. Concentrates are exclusively composed from therapeutic-grade essential oils, solvent-extracted absolutes and resins, as well as hand-tinctured plant parts (such as flowers and seeds/beans etc).

As a small-batch perfumery, we purchase our raw natural materials in good faith from a wide range of essential oils suppliers. We do not have the lab facilities to analyse the materials, and we rely on the certificates of authenticity of our suppliers.

The diluent for our alcohol-based perfumes is 95PG (denatured ethanol from sugar-cane), and fractionated coconut oil for our pure oil parfums. 95PG is Perfumery Grade ethanol, which is widely used in pharmaceutical, cosmetic and beauty industries for all products across the wide spectrum of perfumes, after shave, deodorant, hair care, lotions etc.


the drop of life

Our raw materials are sourced from a number of essential oils suppliers, most of whom are located here in Australia, however our Government-certified Mysore sandalwood comes from a traditional attar maker in India.Being a small-batch producer is a feature that allows us to hand-tincture as many raw materials as possible.

The process really invigorates our floral fragrances with a beautiful airiness, and infuses our oriental ambers with naturally earthy vanilla, tonka and cacao scents that are deeply satisfying.

Our tinctures are derived from raw materials that are either grown in our garden or sourced from generous friends with super-green thumbs.

We believe that our noses detect beautiful truth in these elements; they give us complexity in the aromatic ‘flavours’ that are so often absent in many synthetic fragrances.