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Natural Intimate Body Spray 90ml spray atomiser $25

AUD $35.00

I’ve always been interested by the fact that tribal Bedouin women use myrrh as an antibacterial essence for deodorising their bodies. In a landscape devoid of water, myrrh is an incredible boon. When I was studying aromatherapy our teacher told us many times to gargle warm water with a couple of drops of myrrh for sore throats (not to swallow it, just gargle and then spit). In my 20 years as an aromatherapist, I have come to hold a great deal of respect for Myrrh and Tea Tree, and their inherent capabilities for killing germs and viruses on contact. Fantastic support to the healing of cold sores, infected bites and scratches, and marvelous in helping recovery from colds and flu.

SWB is a gentle and effective antibacterial spray mist blend for all the moist and tender places on the body where damp heat accumulates. Fantastic as a general Yoni spray, helpful for PMT and during menstruation, really refreshing for use after sexual activity, and so useful during long flights/extended travel.

Used as a personal body spray, SWB neutralises body odours with a naturally pleasing scent that does not overwhelm or overpower. In fact, most people will not smell this blend on you at all. This blend is very carefully attenuated so that you will not smell strongly of patchouli or ylang ylang.

Ingredients are comprised entirely of pure essential oils and filtered water. There are no chemical additives, no pthalates, no metals. Ingredients: Myrrh, Cypress, Patchouli, Tea Tree, Rose Geranium, Ylang Ylang and Indian Sandalwood in pure filtered water.

Spray on clean skin after a shower or bath.

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90ml spray mist