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Scent of the Dream Weaver

Sage Sib with starry sky PR:23

SAGE SIBIRICAFragrance of the deepest cold, and the enduring spark of survival.

Featured Notes:- Italian Bergamot, Cypress, Black Spruce, Croatian Sage, Clary Sage, Siberian Cedar Resin, Siberian Fir Needle, Ambrette seed, Labdanum and Oakmoss. Pinus Sibirica (Ringing Cedars) yields an utterly beautiful resin, and is the absolute star in this composition.

Here is the chameleon who beats the Drum of Time.

This shaman scent sings of deep connection with nature; it invites the healing of self and community, of spiritual practice and courage to return to the native state of wild being.

Sage Sibirica is a dream-weaver, whose speckled skin is whiter than Arctic Fox, blacker than Ussuri bear, redder than Ruby-throat, more golden than Tamias.



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Sampler pack, SageSibirica