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Magic is afoot


This deeply cooling floral is an emerald green jewel of very rare, precious Australian flora in company with other exquisite natural materials including:

Italian Bergamot, Japanese Yuzu, Chinese Osmanthus, Australian Rosewood, Bellissima Myrtle, Australian Boronia, Frangipani, Kimberley Heath, Amyris, Tasmanian Pepper and Haitian Vetiver

Steve Reinthal is a gifted musical artist; an original music composer, audio producer, film sound lecturer, and an extraordinary musician specialising in lush, cinematic music on finger-style and electric guitars.

As my beloved husband and partner of over 30 years, Steve has always been the back-bone of our tiny artisan perfume house – supporting me throughout the whole journey, in charge of all of our bottling, product packaging, shipment packing and warehouse management.

After many years of being fully immersed in the evolution of my studio, and with great aplomb, Steve has, at last, completed his own beautiful artisanal perfume composition.

Concept Notes from Steve:-

“Sydney, NSW, Australia. A cleansing Spring shower has just retreated back into the rolling marshmallow clouds, the last silver drops clinging to the blossom.

Stretching and dripping in slow motion, trampolining down, leaf to leaf toward the damp grass.

The soil beneath is replete and alive. Chortling Magpies and Pee Wees are scanning for the first ground creatures to emerge and go about their business.

There is stillness, anticipation, and magic in the air.

Time to make a wish.” – SR

the drop of life
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One Rainy Wish 30ml, One Rainy Wish 50ml vintage crystal, One Rainy Wish 50ml atomiser (Aust. only)