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EMBERS Renaissance

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Rebirth of a Beautiful Dream

Featured NOTES include:- Calabrian Bergamot, Rose Damascena, certified Indian Sandalwood, Orris and my signature amber base.

An intense burning passion for Mysore sandalwood was my motivation for creating Embers, and in 2010 I blended the first batch (350ml), purely for my own hedonistic enjoyment. I gave much of it away to friends and family who would smell it on me and … you know.

And so I made more. A whole litre!!  And it too went into the glorious breeze.

EMBERS Ren 30mlThe first 5 litre batch of Embers was made in the Summer of 2011, and was ready to wear in February 2012. I have learned over the years that something quite magical happens in the maturation of Embers during the Queensland Summer. The temperature here really heats up from mid-November to a long, slow cool down in late March, where it is typically very hot and hellishly humid, like being in a sweat lodge or sauna day and night. This is the best brewing time for all of my amber fragrances, but I first learned this from Embers.

If I make it in any other season, it just behaves very differently, and never quite blooms as it should. So another batch followed in 2015 and then again in 2019. All of which were released in the following year after their long hot Summer brewing.

I was feeling very uncomfortable about the scarcity of real Mysore sandalwood and the dwindling, carefully guarded stock from India. I decided to offer my sincere gratitude to the great spirit of Santalum Album, and put a full stop to the making of Embers. 2021 was my sunset effect of golden radiance before the indigo of night descends.

And then the emails and messages began….

“Please (please) make it again”.

And when people ask so nicely….

EMBERS Renaissance is a very limited edition batch. I’m so very glad I made it as it’s turned out to be my favourite of all the EMBERS batches to date. The addition of Orris really takes it to another level of cosy elegance and sheer beauty.

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30ml spray atomiser, 50ml vintage French crystal