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Self-care and tenderness for you, and for your tribe.


Grass roots perfumery… the source of my perfume craft. In support of general well-being, and a sense of pleasure that comes from being in harmony with beautiful natural scents, I have created a small boutique range of high quality aromatherapy roll-on oils suspended in fractionated coconut oil for applying directly to pulse points.

BLESSING stimulates mindful acknowledgment of the gift of being alive; applying it in the morning (via mist or oil) is simply a perfect way to welcome the new day. It helps set our intentions to welcome the adventure; encouraging an open-hearted welcoming of abundance and flow and of love. It celebrates life. If I’d had it back then, I would have worn it on my wedding day, to invite the blessings of joyful harmony in my life ahead with my beloved Steve and our darling babies. Blessing is a way to mark the moment with consciousness to truly exist in harmony in each moment. Ingredients:- the most beautiful Egyptian Neroli I’ve ever smelled, it is delicate and floral and pure, Japanese Yuzu (also known as green mandarin), Madagascan Ylang Ylang and French Clary Sage, infused with (true, not heated) Citrine and Golden Healer quartz. A wonderful travel companion for refreshing and revitalising when feeling flat or tired.

MORPHEUS is the sweet dream-maker. This blend is my tried and true remedy for inducing a deeply calming, soothing blend of oils that provide me with a proper, deep and replenishing sleep. Sweet Marjoram, wild-crafted Kashmir and high altitude French Lavender, Egyptian Geranium, Madagascan Ylang Ylang and suspended in German Chamomile and French Lavender hydrosols. The ideal life-companion for alleviating stress levels and general anxiety, and is super-easy to slip into a pocket or handbag.

ETHERIQUE is an invisible cloak; a shield of incredible essences, a precious personal resource that has enabled me to feel calmer, clearer, safer, and energetically supported. A comfort zone in a bottle. Ingredients include: Japanese Yuzu, Juniper, Maillette Lavender, artisanally crafted Frankinceses (Boswellia Carterii, Sacra, Dalzielii, Frereana, Neglecta), Bulgarian Rose, East Indian sandalwood, and Moroccan Myrrh.


After many years of wishing, I recently bought a shipment of exquisite violet Miron glass bottles from Switzerland. This beautiful glass filters out light frequencies to protect natural products, drastically extending their shelf life. They are the very best containers for pure aromatherapy, and when yours is empty it can be reused for precious attars or oils.

*PLEASE NOTE:- Our Temple of Infinity products may be shipped via ordinary post (no alcohol) and we are offering free shipping on orders over $150. Use the coupon INFINITY at checkout to receive free shipping. This coupon may not be used in combination with our alcohol-based perfumes as they are classed as Dangerous Goods and require DG approval for shipping with DHL.


BLESSING 10ml roll-on oil in violet Miron glass, MORPHEUS 10ml roll-on oil in violet Miron glass, ETHERIQUE 10ml roll-on oil in violet Miron glass