Premium Artisanal Incense

I have wanted, for so very long, to create a range of natural artisan incenses that convey my total love for scented smoke.

And I wanted to make mine uniquely different from styles generally associated with Indian, Japanese, Eastern, shamanic, Indigenous, Tibetan Buddhist or Pagan sorts of incenses. Hand-blended, hand rolled and sun-dried. We use a small ceramic dish filled with rice to house our incense when burning. Place near an open door or window to allow the smoke to gently drift around without it becoming too overpowering in a closed room. Tranquil, calming, meditative.

TREEWITCH incense cakes may look deliciously edible, but each cake is hand crafted from premium aromatic plant materials (leaves, twigs, bark, flowers, resins and roots), and dusted with pure Mysore sandalwood powder. Sweet to the nose, bitter on the tongue. Don’t nibble them and don’t let children put them in their mouths.

Each leaf, tree and disk is hand-crafted by me with total devotion to producing incense prayers for meditation and sacred blessings in combustible form. Pure, natural and non-toxic, each cake is designed to feed our souls, inspire courage, cleanse us and our personal environments, and remind us to celebrate the magnificence of life.

TO LIGHT:- Simply break off a chunky piece from the cake and place on a lit bamboo (non-toxic) charcoal disk in a brazier.

Alternatively, thoroughly ignite by holding a long handled lighter flame to the chunk for around 45 seconds. Tongs are also great for holding and igniting the incense over a candle flame. Once smouldering, set on a heatproof dish in a well-ventilated area.

For a more subtle fragrance, set directly on the cast metal hearth of a well lit wood firebox.

HEKA (Hand rolled Cones) :-A labour of love, our HEKA incense is a sharing of my life-long passion for incense. In fact, all of my perfumery is a result of that enduring love.This premium incense contains rare and precious ingredients including:- pure Indian Sandalwood, aged, wild-crafted Vietnamese agarwood, Royal Green Hojari frankincense, Rose de Mai, ground patchouli leaves and Javanese cinnamon. Binder used is pure tabu no ki, a finely ground, non-toxic Japanese bark traditionally used in premium incenses (also known as Makko). All ingredients (except for the pure Rose de Mai absolute) are very finely ground and pulverised woods and resins.

MORETON BAY (2 handmade Leaves) Hand Ground Yellow, Pink and Red Roses, Ylang Ylang, Cedarwood, Benzoin, Organic French Lavender, Mysore Sandalwood & Tabu No Ki (Makko)

TEMPLE of INFINITY (Hand Rolled Disks) Mimosa, Cinnamon leaf, Cardamon, Lily abs, Blue Lotus, White Lotus, Pink Lotus, Vanilla, Styrax, Cedarwood,, Nutmeg, Afghani Musk Root, Cyperus), Turkish Black Fasoukh, Opopponax (sweet Myrrh), Commiphora Erythrea, Frankincenses:- (Bosw. Frereana abs), (Bosw. Rivae absolute), Bosw. Papyrifera & Tabu No Ki (Makko)

TREEWITCH (Extra Large Leaf) Organic French Lavender, White Sage, Palo Santo, Frankincense (Bos Carterii), Himalyan Cedarwood, Australian Sandalwood and Tabu No Li (Makko)

SERPENTINE (Extra Large Hand Rolled Cones) Palo Santo, Mysore Sandalwood, White Sage, Royal Green Hojary Frankincense & Tabu No Ki (Makko). The perfect smoke cleanse.


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* Please keep your Treewitches out of reach of children. Although non-toxic, these tasty-looking ‘cakes’ are not for eating.

*PLEASE NOTE:- Our Temple of Infinity products may be shipped via ordinary post (no alcohol) and we are offering free shipping on orders over $150. Use the coupon INFINITY at checkout to receive free shipping. This coupon may not be used in combination with our alcohol-based perfumes as they are classed as Dangerous Goods and require DG approval for shipping with DHL.