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Radiant synergy

TENERIFFE was designed to supersede the original Francois with a more sophisticated and better balanced composition that showcases the radiant synergy of the orange blossom chypre.

A tart yuzu and bergamot opening that develops into a dark, honeyed, blossom chypre comprised of organic Egyptian neroli and orange blossom absolute, with orris, tonka, labdanum, oakmoss and Sumatran patchouli. – TR

Select Fragrance and Size

Caravaggio 30ml, Caravaggio 50ml vintage crystal, Caravaggio 50ml atomiser (Aust. only), One Rainy Wish 30ml, One Rainy Wish 50ml vintage crystal, One Rainy Wish 50ml atomiser (Aust. only), Teneriffe 30ml, Teneriffe 50ml vintage crystal, Teneriffe 50ml atomiser (Aust. only)