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SAUD Oud et Epices

AUD $300.00

Sensual Pleasures


The limited edition SAUD collection of three new fragrances is a commissioned project exclusively created for Royal Boutique in Saudi Arabia. Whilst our Saudi partner is exclusively retailing our gorgeous 50ml spray atomisers, for a short time, we’re offering a limited edition option of 30ml spray atomisers.

SAUD Oud et Epices – is informed by my client’s request for a potion similar to Oudh Batavia. I’d previously created a small-batch beauty in the original Batavia family named Musk Batavia. It was very popular, and completely sold out each times I created a new batch.

OetE is a new formula that aromatically references those vintage Batavia scents, however this time I used a large quantity of premium Quadeem (aged) Hindi oud, rare Omumbiri Myrrh, Venezuelan tonka beans, vanilla and ambrette seed.

Gorgeously golden, musky spice and leather.

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30ml spray atomiser