SAUD Frais

Garden of Eden

SAUD Frais…. features the very best Ruh Khus to be found, sourced from the Janbhaar region in India.

To this I’ve added true Mitti attar (baked earth/clay distilled in certified Indian sandalwood), as well as true Japanese Yuzu and Arabian Jasmine (Sambac).

SAUD Frais is cooling, long-lasting and naturally very beautiful.

*Please NOTESAUD Frais may contain some amber-coloured particles that occasionally form during the traditional distillation of Mitti attar (baked earth distilled in pure sandalwood oil). At very high and boiling temperatures, sandalwood oil produces esters; a waxy substance contributing to the ‘creaminess’ factor of sandalwood oil. In spite of repeated filtering, these tiny particles may stubbornly resist filtration and sink to the bottom of the bottle, later appearing as a dark smudge, or even tiny blobs of oil lying on the bottom of the bottle. Please shake well before spraying.

Plant-based, artisanal perfumery brings vibrant colour and vitality …. and sometimes tiny particles to the brew.

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30ml spray atomiser, 50ml spray atomiser (Aus only)