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SAUD Cuir et Tabac

AUD $350.00

Fearless Wild Beauty


The limited edition SAUD collection of three new fragrances is a commissioned project exclusively made for Royal Boutique in Saudi Arabia.

Our client (also named Saud), first requested a beautiful signature scent; a leather, tobacco, oud and amber potion for his boutiques in Riyadh. It was an exciting creative brief and I relished the opportunity to compose this jewel.

SAUD Cuir et Tabac features truly rare and precious raw materials including premium grade Quadeem (aged) Hindi oud, a large quantity of gorgeous and very hard to source hand-tinctured Afghani Muskroot (a botanical castoreum-like fixative used by Russian perfumers in the early 20th century), precious Nepalese Spikenard, tobacco absolute, certified Indian sandalwood, labdanum and styrax absolute.

SAUD CeT is made from extraordinarily complex botanical ingredients, and is not in any way a super-cranked, gym-bro’ beast in the way that many synthetic leather, oud and tobacco blends can be.

Cuir et Tabac is a complex and beautiful fragrance for fearless folks who relish intensely moody, Arab-styled fragrances.

Limited quantities of this fragrance in our 30ml atomisers are available for a short time.

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