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A Carnival of Joy


bohemian Salv JaneSALVATION JANE is a bright, woody amber fragrance made with Mandarin, Ginger, Ylang Ylang, Somali Frankincense, Patchouli and certified Indian Sandalwood

I was inspired to craft a rustic, wild-child signature scent for magical shape-shifters among us, the healers and visionary artists who follow their own star, commune with the fae, adore nature, create their own destinies and live life according to their own beliefs.

Her story flies, cradled by shadows, caught on the winds of south-westering storms. Lamplit, through windows, in whispers, where lilting, sweet murmurs of legends were borne. Called into form, out of tribal desire, from the spirits of women, to her place at the fire, for their unspoken passion and secretive pain, she brought herbal and tincture, so deeply ingrained.

Laela, oh lallee caerlean. Those wild craggy faces of the blood of our line, I saw her dance, she was fearless this time.

Climbing out of her past, she flew out of her time, as sure as a daughter with heroes to find, crying out for a reason, a country, a name, that a mother, or priestess could passionately claim. She smiled in my face with a star from her mouth, I saw rivers cascading, and I was allowed, to run, in line with her powerful stride, but I lagged behind to read all of the signs.

Laela, oh lallee caer lean. Those wild craggy faces formed the bones of our spine. I watched her dance, she was fearless each time.

Tides of bold oceans, of voyages made, as the waves of her journeys went rolling away. To the mountain she flew on her watery wings, like a Goddess who knows what the festival brings She’s in my sight, I’m of her skin. Who knows the sound of peace within? Her wisdom’s grown from breathing in, a heart at home, she is my kin.    

~ from the play and CD RAINBIRDS ~ © 2000 TR 



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