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Planet Earth

SACRED GROUND NECTAR includes a much larger quantity of Tasmanian Boronia and Australian Sandalwood and less Honey Myrtle, rendering the final composition to contain more creamy caramel notes and less of the lemony scent of the myrtle.

NOTES include:- Tasmanian Boronia, Red Desert Rosewood, 3 sublime stocks of the sweetest, creamiest Australian Sandalwood (2 varieties of Santalum Spicatum and 1 of Santalum Lanceolatum), Honey Myrtle, Manuka, CO2 Agarwood, and hand-tinctured organic Ballina Honey.

When I decided to stop making Embers out of concern for the scarcity of Indian Sandalwood (Santalum Album), I knew there was another sandalwood perfume to compose, one that would effortlessly take the next step. Here is that evolution on from Embers, featuring a very large quantity of the most beautiful stock of Australian Sandalwood (Santalum Spicatum) I’ve truly ever smelled.

Sacred Ground Nectar is a syrup of wild honey, native nectars, malted earthy floral sweetness and creamy sweet, caramelised wood. Its like stepping into a sepia photograph of cherished memories, a past where nature shaped us, nurtured us and the world felt safe and whole.

A time of harmony.

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30ml spray atomiser, 50ml vintage French crystal, 100ml vintage French crystal