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Empress of the Desert

She brushes your skin with a silken touch of whispered, ancient secrets, and as you fall into the trance of her allure, she slips inside you, …she becomes you. You embody her now; you are an Empress whose power and beauty is remembered throughout Time.

YOU are QUEEN of SHEBA … You are the Lioness

Ingredients feature: Taif rose, Jasmine Sambac (Arabian), Tuberose, Champaca, Premium Quadeem (aged) Hindi oud, Tobacco, Afghani Musk root, Kua Myrrh, Portuguese Labdanum, Sumatran Patchouli, Certified Indian Sandalwood

Queen of Sheba is a lush, heavy floral, tobacco, oud and amber composition underscored with the growly animalic wonder of Afghani musk root (tinctured from a plant and no actual animals).

The fragrance is an Arab-styled mukhallat, and although unisex, is not suited to those unaccustomed to traditional Middle Eastern-styled perfumery. It is darkly powerful, mysteriously seductive and very intense.

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