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River & Mountain

The story of a star-crossed love affair and the mysterious forces that drive us apart, and bring us back together again. Ogwen is the river, singing to her beloved mountain Eyriri. This is her song.

FEATURED NOTES INCLUDE:- Bergamot, Jasmine Grandiflorum, Night-Blooming Jasmine, Patchouli, Oakmoss, Labdanum and Vetiver

OGWEN & EYRIRI has a very long story. It began in 2005 with me driving a van across Wales a couple of times (south and then north), and being deeply moved by the powerful energies of the wild and beautiful Welsh landscape flashing by. I saw the fading tracks of trolls and elves, the shadows of ancient battles, twinkling rivers of poetry and starlight. Inspired by my impressions, I sought to conjure the fragrant essence of my very brief encounter with the magic of Snowdonia.

I worked hard on a theme of jasmine chypres for years. Striving to craft the cold, new Spring of the UK – impressions that haunted me all the way home. I composed Botticelli, Earl Grey, Sylvana, Petite Brise, Zephyr and Eau Naturel. Each of them revealed myriad challenges of attempting to marry tart and sweet elements. I learned the pitfalls of floral oppression and the cruelty of thorny bitterness. Nonetheless, those compositions were eventually balanced, and became beautiful, and I wore them out. And yet….

O&E is the perfume, my best and last jasmine chypre. The one.


In the light of my eyes, you are the tallest mountain, towering high under winter’s love, you stand forever strong. I am a river running on your path of courage. Eager to touch you, I bubble with so much joy. I meander in the hills, deaf to trouble, ever moving, rushing towards your open arms. Feast me in your love and I am alive! Wish me away and I will fall. Where will I hide? – TR 2005©

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30ml spray atomiser, 50ml vintage French crystal, 100ml vintage French crystal