By the Sea, By the Sea, By the Beautiful Sea, you and I, you and I, oh how happy we’ll be

NOOSA was first composed in 2017. It’s namesake is a glorious coastal location on the Sunshine Coast of Queensland. Noosa (the place) attracts both local and international tourists for its remarkable beauty, and is a prime holiday destination for many.

I’d wanted to create a perfume that offered a deeply entrancing sense of connection to nature, and restored the sense of calm gained from a few days relaxing on a white sand beach in the tropics.

Recently I revisited the last remaining bottle of my original formula and decided to bake a fresh batch. I tweaked the formula, and am delighted with the results.

Noosa is not a tropical scent, there’s no frangipanis or ukeleles in here. The perfume is at first fresh as a sea breeze. The cordial’s heart of blue florals retains its sapphire cool as the fragrance unfolds.

Noosa 2022 is unashamedly natural perfume. A uniquely alluring composition of plant-based essences, this perfume moves away from the familiarity of mainstream fragrance. Noosa demonstrates a truly natural beauty… a fresh modernity in scent.

Notes include: Italian Bergamot, Green Tea, French Cypress, German Chamomile, Blue Yarrow, Blue Tansy, Night-Blooming Jasmine, Kashmir Lavender and Amyris.


10ml Scent Pencil, 30ml spray atomiser