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Aromatic Australian Native Flora Remedy

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Native Bush Balm is a treasure of goodness for dry skin and life’s little scrapes and bumps.

Ingredients:- Honey Myrtle, Bush Mint Balm, Blue Cypress, Rosalina, Organic Australian Beeswax, Organic Extra Virgin Coconut Oil, Sandalwood Nut oil and Camellia oil.

To open – just use the back of your thumb-nail under the edge of the tin top to pop the tin open.

To apply – take a small scoop of balm (by using the back of your thumbnail again this time like a tiny butter knife), and swipe it onto the palm of your hands. The heat of your skin will melt the balm so it can be massaged in and absorbed leaving skin feeling deeply hydrated and happy.

Not for eating, but may be used topically on skin that feels dry, sun-burned, itchy. Gently massage.The emollient balm will disappear leaving a tantalising scent and refreshed skin.

Native Bush Balm is also a gorgeous natural fragrance that can simply be applied as perfume.


15gm tin