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Celestial Scent for Seven Sisters

MAGDALA:LILI painting MR©23

Rare and precious Myrrhs – Kataf and Kua feature in this anointing jewel. Harvested fairly and sustainably by three groups of tribeswomen from different parts of Kenya, and Namibia, and distilled by a Master woman artisan, MAGDALA is a celebration of Mother Nature and all her earthly radiance.

FEATURED NOTES INCLUDE:- Ginger Lily, Broom, Cinnamon, 3 artisanally crafted Myrrhs (Omumbiri, Kua and Kataf), Ferula Sumbul (Afghani Musk-root), Styrax, Oppoponax, Orris root and Atlas Cedarwood

Due to the incredibly rare varieties of Myrrh in Magdala, there will only be one batch available.

*We have donated $1200 from sales of MAGDALA to 2 aid organisations currently providing urgent food, water and medicines to people in Gaza and the occupied territories.

$500 to @matw_project in November 2023
$700 to @icrc in March 2024

We humbly thank you for your support in enabling us to do so.



Amazed, in a faded, ailing garden, I was blinded by a phantasm, awed by testaments of a history laden with sorrows. Here, in this crumbling paradise, I turned away. Such vigilance was vainglorious, until we met; sharing all the bones of our heart-sore hungers.

And you were fragrant, clear as honeyed myrrh, crying out for all lost rain, in solid tears, reaping the endless heat of all our black-rimmed eyes.

Sister, I heard their bid for your silence. I cowered in fear of desert winds across your face. And we were dusted, by disparate devices, in this, their ire. Are we not seers in each Sirocco, bent low beneath the bridal train?

We knew one mother’s sweat, and her blurred outline. We watched her roar; ever-present, alive within, and we were altered, made anew in the after-glow.

Roses on the path, we were shackled to the wall, dreaming of a new moon, staring deep into the well.

I touched your eyes, and they were mine. Daughter of time, I was afraid of your visage, terrified by your endless night sky. And when you bore that raven, your suffocation was a blight upon my joy. Only now, I fully see, we must embrace, to light the lamp. We’ll weave new ways forth for truth to shine, for radiant soul to arise.

– TR ©2004

MAGDALA painting by Mischa Reinthal ©2023 (oils on canvas)

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30ml spray atomiser, 50ml vintage French crystal