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A tiny wardrobe of Fragrant Joys


We are currently offering 2 Mini Kiosk discovery sets containing the following selections:-

* The SAUD collection of 3 x 2.5ml testers includes SAUD Frais, SAUD Cuir et Tabac and SAUD Oud et Epices


* The SigNATURE range of 5 x 2.5ml testers includes the Four Flames collection (Ama, Flower of Life, Magdala and Nuit) as well as Mana.

Due to very limited stock EMBERS Renaissance is not available in tester size.

PLEASE NOTE: Sets are priced according to the inclusion of very rare and expensive raw materials. We are unable to swap and change and/or include other catalogue items at this time.

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SigNATURE set of 5 x 2.5ml spray atomisers, SAUD collection of 3 x 2.5ml spray atomisers