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Numinous Amber and Pure Growth Green


EVANGELINECold-Pressed Italian Lemon and Bergamot, Japanese Yuzu, Violet Leaf, Australian White Cypress, French Alpine ‘Maillette’ Lavender, organic, Egyptian Neroli, Ho wood and premium Australian Sandalwood.

Evangeline is the Angel of Bohemia, and always appears first.Wherever she walks, she glows, bearing the brightest lantern of all. Her role is always to sweep the path clear of sorrows and suffering. She brings light into dark places through song, and through her softly-spoken stories. Her lantern is known as the Beacon of Miracles – it bears the palest green earth-light of energy renewal, recovery and replenishment.

EVANGELINE’s luminous scent echoes the sweet, cool purity of freshwater creeks and tiny waterfalls, of bubbling streams and the cascading songs of water nymphs. Her stories inspire and invoke revitalised inner peace, expressed in bold new actions, thoughts and open-hearted deeds.

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Sampler pack, Beaudesert, Portrait of Jaco, Fleurs de Paradis, SageSibirica, Prince of Lothian, Salvation Jane, Evangeline, Full set of 7