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Transcendant Bliss for Earthlings

More than just a perfume.

This blend is radiant with the living light of lovingly harvested plant essences. It serves as a torch in the darkness, an earthlight to uplift the spirits of the wearer and those around them.



Japanese Yuzu, Organic Egyptian Neroli, Croatian Juniper berry, French Alpine Maillette lavender, Bulgarian rose otto, Indian Rose otto, Rose absolute, Rose de Mai, Black Fasoukh (Rhodopes), East Indian Sandalwood (freshly distilled) & 27-30 year old vintage Mysore sandalwood, Iranian Galbanum, Siberian Cedar, Mt Atlas Mastic (Morroco), Nepalese Spikenard, Pure CO2 wild-crafted Jhanbaar region Vetiver, Frankincense Bos Carterii (Somalia), Frankincense Bos sacra Royal Green Hojari (Oman), Frankincense Bos Dalzielii (Nigeria), Frankincense Bos Frereana (Somalia), Frankincense Bos Neglecta (Ethiopia), Frankincense Bos Papyrifera (Ethiopia), Commiphora Erythrea Sweet Myrrh (Somalia), Oppoponax Sweet Myrrh (Ethiopia) and Commiphora Kataf Myrrh (Kenya) – 50% dilution in fractionated coconut oil.

Most of these amazing ingredients are very small-batch, artisanally produced jewels. This is a one-off project that cannot be repeated. I invite you to set your own beautiful intentions when working with these Earthlights, coupled with my wish that love always lights your path. 

Available in a 3ml crystal glass attar bottle and also available in a 10ml roll on bottles filled with polished clear quartz and a clear quartz roller.

*PLEASE NOTE:- Our Temple of Infinity products may be shipped via ordinary post (no alcohol) and we are offering free shipping on orders over $150. Use the coupon INFINITY at checkout to receive free shipping. This coupon may not be used in combination with our alcohol-based perfumes as they are classed as Dangerous Goods and require DG approval for shipping with DHL.

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3ml crystal attar bottle, 10ml quartz crystal roll on