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D’AGUILAR Original

AUD $125.00

Lavender Superbe


Featured NOTES include:- Japanese yuzu, White grapefruit, Cold-pressed Lime, Petitgrain, Honeysuckle absolute, Green Tea absolute, French Maillette lavender, Bulgarian lavender, Russian lavender, Kashmir lavender, German Chamomile, Egyptian Violet Leaf absolute, Jasmine Grandiflorum absolute, Lemon Verbena, Juniper Berry, Cypress, Spanish Marjoram, Sage, Venezuelan Tonka Bean absolute, Virginian Cedarwood, Oakmoss, Australian Sandalwood, Indian and Haitian Vetiver.

People who try out my fragrances for the first time are typically surprised by their potency and stamina. I often read comments that say ‘lasted such a looong time, especially for a natural fragrance’.

Here’s why….

D’Aguilar appears to be a simple, classy lavender fragrance that many might pass by in preference for a more exotic sort of heavy amber or mukhallat. Yet, D’Aguilar is one of the most elaborate, complex and difficult formulas I’ve ever composed. The idea for a honeysuckle fougere seemed straightforward. However its taken 3 years of arm-wrestling for it to finally yield. What a pair of stubborn mules we’ve both been. I don’t usually disclose all the notes/ingredients in my formulas, its just not done. However D’Aguilar is a great example of how the layering of incredible ingredients, endless arguments, foot-stamping, back-turning and begging have finally produced a work that demonstrates my theory that ‘if it ain’t great, it ain’t finished’

D’Aguilar is a cool, sweet green floral that has finally achieved its balance point so that it projects beautifully and lasts many hours.

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30ml spray atomiser