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Fragrant Light and Shadows at play

Multi-artist Mischa Reinthal has been my perfume protege for several years.

His first 2 releases; Black Powder, followed by Leather Dandy both found great favour within the fragrance community and both fragrances subsequently sold right down to their very last drops.

Caravaggio, an elegant oud chypre, is his third fragrance composition and demonstrates, in company with the fruits of Mischa’s many creative talents, a beautiful force of nature. 

Caravaggio bottle 2

Featured NOTES include:- Cold-pressed Italian Lemon, Australian White Cyprus, Frankincense (the rare and beautiful Dalzieli), Amyris, Vetiver, Labdanum, Oak Moss, Afghani Musk-root and 5+ years aged Hindi Oud


concept notes from Mischa:-

“Michelangelo Merisi da Caravaggio was a revolutionary artist of the late Renaissance and early Baroque period. He mastered the use of Chiaroscuro, the dramatic contrast of intense light and shadow, and his personality seems equally suffused with darkness and burning passion.

Known for his love of drinking and fighting, Caravaggio would party like an animal in the gutters of 1590s Rome, smashing out another masterpiece only when the money from the last commission had run out.

This perfume is a snapshot of Caravaggio’s world. It evokes Italian Summer nights, unbridled passion, flowing wine, baskets of fruit, linseed oil. It reveals the clenched fist and delicate brushwork.”

– MR

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Caravaggio 30ml, Caravaggio 50ml vintage Italian glass urn, Caravaggio 50ml atomiser (Aust. only)