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The Beauty beyond the Sea

BEAUDESERT – a warm, golden woody Tobacco Amber with CO2 Vanilla, Cardamon, Lemon Verbena, Virginian Cedar, Indian and Australian Sandalwoods (no oud)

This perfume is inspired by time spent in the stunning Scenic Rim region whilst working in partnership with members of the Mununjali (first nations) community on several films and creative development initiatives. We fell in love with Beaudesert… the colours, the space and the raw power of the land nestled within the volcanic caldera. This perfume references an amazing time with love and appreciation.

“Slow, loose, garbled, silt waters slide, biding, unbound, destiny unknown. Ghost-gum rusted, miner’s pan rested, fallen disuse, gnarled deep decay. Whooping, cawed, warbled shrill bones. Feathers, sand-grit, gold-hunted, curling smoke-drift, eucalyptus, red-box.

Splitter hammer stands, brown slips away, slithering, dry, piercing and scorned. Greened, hard bored, salt-borne, cattle-called, grown gone. Locked brittle, peacefully wide, parceled heritage, grappling, seeping, sagged, saddened, dry dried, dusted dirt, lilac shrivelled, crisp and cracked shells. Frost-driven, fire-licked, the gathered fray stands, storyteller, drinker, beast and battery bawl, forty four furnace, log and liquor pagans 

“might rain, might not”, yawn, scratch, nod. Wistful winding ways, track and field, goblin’s grotto, mob o’ greys, fishes lane, hollow land, tunnel of time, we’re in here”.

~ from MERMAID PLACENTA – a collection of poems © 2000 TR

~ painting by Phoebe Reinthal ©2023


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