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Shining Violet

Amethyst 30AMETHYST Absolu Body Incense is a spray parfum blended in Perfumery Grade ethanol from sugar cane.

As well, Amethyst starts out as a glorious shade of purple and transforms into a stunning shade of turquoise green. A magical colour-changing perfume that, similarly to Auralite 23, drifts from purple amethyst into prasiolite (green amethyst).

Apply as you normally would use perfume, except, this category is designed to be used intentionally – as an offering; an honouring of the self by way of anointing the body in the same way as people would light incense – so it lights up the body, in an act of reverence and gratitude for life in all its moods. A prayerful gesture of love for the temple of the soul.

AMETHYST Body Incense absolu

Wild-crafted Kashmiri Lavender, Violet leaf, Jasmine Auriculatum, Blue Lotus, White Lotus, Australian Rosewood (deep blue), Blackcurrant, Mysore Sandalwood and Ambrette seed. Infused with Auralite 23 crystals (Red Cap Amethyst) from the Cave of Wonders. (Purple tone created with confectioner’s non-toxic food gel).

100% Vegan & No animal testing.

Multi-dimensional sillage.

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30ml spray atomiser, 50ml spray atomiser (Australia only)