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Andromedan Starlight

AMA:NAMGAY painting MR©23

A fragrant Milk of Human Kindness, AMA is pure heart essence, an intoxicating liqueur of creativity and gentleness.

FEATURED NOTES INCLUDE:- Frangipani, Champaca, Ylang Ylang, Narcissus, Nutmeg, Ginger C02, Cardamon, Tonka tincture, TR’s Amber accord, Indian Sandalwood (Santalum Album), Aus sandalwood (2 Santalums :- Spicatum/Lanceolatum), Somali Frankincense and Ethiopian Frankincense.

The flame of AMA casts a soft amber glow that sustains through difficult times. It is a warm golden sanctuary, a haven from the wolves at the door, a scent-temple of tenderness.

Silken Smooth Comfort.

AMA painting by Mischa Reinthal ©2023 (oils on canvas)

$1000 donated to the Yemen hunger appeal. $500 donated to Feed the Children fund.



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30ml spray atomiser, 50ml vintage French crystal