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MOGRA Mayura

AUD $100.00

The First and Last Embrace

MOGRA MAYURA absolu de parfum is a dramatic variation on Mogra edp, a men’s perfume combining a traditional formula of the classic western gentlemen’s fougere with an erotic, Arab-styled oudh mukhallat.The new formula makes for a lovely men’s Summer fragrance. Mogra Mayura is no light-weight. While there is weight, depth and longevity, it retains the zing of an ice cold chinotto; a biting citrus edge to temper the sweetness of the jasmine and to offset the deep dark accords of the 4 oudhs and the wonderful santalum spicatum.

These elements come together in a fresh composition featuring:- Bergamot, Bitter Orange, Kashmir Lavender, French Rose Geranium, Venezuelan tonka beans, Oakmoss, hand-tinctured frangipani blossoms, frangipani absolute, Jasmine Sambac, Australian sandalwood, Assam-belt Hindi oudh, Misty Forest Vietnamese oudh, Smooth Thai floral oudh and Cambodian oudh.

Mogra, the Indian name for jasmine sambac flowers, is synonymous with many traditional wedding decorations worn by Indian brides, from the exquisitely scented flowers intricately woven into braided hairstyles, worn as dhupattas and garlands, and also woven into awnings held over the head of the bride as a fragrant parasol in celebration of her purity, her beauty and as an offering towards the blessing of a good marriage.

Mayura is peacock, a word I learned in India from the renowned classical dancer Guru Alpana Nayak when I interviewed her for my short film ‘It has healing powers’ in 2012. Alpana explained Mayura as an important mudra used in yoga, a hand gesture also used in Odissian dance and one that is said to energise the heart-mind connection and reawaken the spirit.

Here, I wanted to weave a Mogra scent-scape for the groom and to infuse it with the heart-mind connection.

The opening is fresh, energetic, bursting with life and first-light sunshine. The dry-down reveals a sunset of pure romance, of the handsome groom who now comes face to face with his beloved new wife. The moon rises, and flames flicker in the romance of polished lamps. New joys arise, in the rhythm of two hearts beating in perfect tempo with each other, discovering the wonder of love’s eternal dance.

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