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Creamy Velvet Woods

Featured NOTES include: Jasmine Grandiflorum, Rose de Mai, Ylang Ylang, Orris root, Mysore Sandalwood and Venezuelan Tonka Beans

Some of us knew, as very small children, that we were fugitives from the law of gravity, and outlaws against conformity. We were quiet, tiny rebels, pitted against the tides of ticking time and endless temptations. We were silent witnesses, watchers from the shadows. As we matured, we listened and we looked. Our clever-stick noses led us into the shivery places our mothers warned us not to go. We discovered the secret cruelties of power, and we cloaked ourselves invisibly, purely to follow the path, up and over the mountains and deep into the valleys of giants and trolls. We stole through the night.

Watching the Moon and counting stars, we found spells; dark and distracting black mirrors, casting glamours and illusions, like silvery webs across the landscape, and we sought redemption. We fought for truth. All we found was the shelter and the silent sanctuary of trees. The trees changed us, forever. Never again could we return to the smoking plains of industry.


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30ml spray atomiser