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A Carnival of Joy


The BOHEMIAN 7 is a brand new collection of eclectic fragrances that were inspired by people, events and places that left lasting impressions in my life, and shaped the person that I’ve grown to become.

I have presented their back-stories in excerpted prose from plays, short stories and poems that I wrote and produced over many years.

All of the gorgeous accompanying illustrations were created by my darling daughter, Phoebe Reinthal ©2023, a gifted multi-disciplinary artist. Much more about her art to come. …

Let the show begin!

Teone in Ascot Vale 23

Summer’s golden radiance sparkled through the lush and glistening canopy, dappling the paths and roads throughout the village like sky-jewels reflected on every willing surface. The villagers were relaxed, deeply comforted in the knowledge that all around them was in-harmony.

Recent and spectacular Spring rains had hydrated the forest so well, that it shimmered with a festival of luscious flowers and fruits and all was cool in the shade. Powerful Owls and Tawny Frogmouths readied themselves for an evening’s grand ballet of swooping onto the silvery, moonlit roads below.

A quiet, silken drift of time between day and night peacefully unfolded, and the chiming symphony of Bellbirds dwindled down to several hushed and fading tinkles as they settled into their branches and hollows in the dusk light.

It was the still point of the evening star. A time for stories, for songs, for poetry and for love…. the greatest drama of all.

EVANGELINECold-Pressed Italian Lemon and Bergamot, Japanese Yuzu, Violet Leaf, Australian White Cypress, French Alpine ‘Maillette’ Lavender, organic, Egyptian Neroli, Ho wood and premium Australian Sandalwood.

Evangeline is the Angel of Bohemia, and always appears first.

Wherever she walks, she glows, bearing the brightest lantern of all.

Her role is always to sweep the path clear of sorrows and suffering.

She brings light into dark places through song, and through her softly-spoken stories. Her lantern is known as the Beacon of Miracles – it bears the palest green earth-light of energy renewal, recovery and replenishment.

EVANGELINE’s luminous scent echoes the sweet, cool purity of freshwater creeks and tiny waterfalls, of bubbling streams and the cascading songs of water nymphs. Her stories inspire and invoke revitalised inner peace, expressed in bold new actions, thoughts and open-hearted deeds.

Gentle Podlight, streams of fluid-gleam spill nectar beads to herald the flow of open, emerging miracle

Rapturous from communion with a silvering touch, tiny harlequin dazzles in numinous amber and pure growth green

Unbidden, wild as wind, garlanded in wreaths of solitary reckoning. 

She is nimble faery, best borne free

PRINCE of LOTHIANItalian Bergamot, Cypress, Vanilla, Tonka, Kenyan Frankincense, Myrrh and Ambrette seed

A scent story of a legendary heart-thief and roving, piratey vagabond.

She could have sworn they’d met before. 

She furtively watched his dumpling mouth move so luxuriously, in rounded, temperamental caresses of words until the slow and husky textures of his voice drugged her and she plummeted, wildly, swimming into an abyss of erogenous longings. 

Her eyes surgically sliced into his neck, and her nostrils prowled his wrists for the milk-scent of his true essence, until the lustre of his eyes pierced her with a hunger pain, so terrible, so tangible that she willed him to notice the violin concerto of her breasts and to waltz her immediately under his quilt. 

He toured her elegantly into his personal space and she stroked her hand along the satin finish of his sturdy, wooden foot-board. She discovered herself draped in endless velvet afternoons, dozing, purringly familiar with the terrain of his linen and her lust.

Later, she found him touring his bed with her worst best friend”. 

Prince of Lothian
Sage drum

PORTRAIT of JACO – A spicy rose tobacco chypre with Honey Murcott, Cardamon, Cinnamon, Taif Rose, Pink Lotus, Tolu Balsam, Oakmoss, Cedarwood, Labdanum, Patchouli, Tobacco and Amyris

In the carnival of wonders, a requiem scent…

A fragrant bouquet of lifelong appreciation and adulation for the legendary musician – Jaco Pastorius

Musical hero, pin-up boy, gold standard in musical flamboyance and unearthly beauty, Jaco was the jazz-star, musical genius and trail-blazer…

His truly unique signature finger-style on fretless Fender jazz basses stunned the music world, catapulting him onto the world stage and into studios to perform and record with many of the world’s greatest players of his time

As the intense pressures and demands of fame and celebrity increased, Jaco succumbed to the ravages of a mental illness that spiralled out of control, tragically leading to his untimely death at age 35 in Florida from a beating outside a night club

Unforgettably beautiful comet…this perfume is for thee.

bohemian castle whole front PR:23
FLEUR de PARADIS – lush Summer evening floral featuring Pink Grapefruit, Ylang Ylang, Orris and Indian Sandalwood. The perfect scent for every grand drama. Guaranteed to suit any pouty mood. Totally Unisex.

My daughter is a bird with silver clouds in her blue eyes. Some days she makes a golden sound, some days she gives me signs.

I feel her soar above me, then suddenly she’ll dive, and fly so fast towards me, with ribbons all alive

She burns, metallic Winter-sun, small mirror, in laughter and tears, calling her over the curve in the road, pushing her on through the years.

I yearn to watch her drift and turn, fragility in the wild, impassioned, storm of  images, and singing as a child

She wanders in her candle-light, weaving magic with eyes and wings, promised before her hopes were born, & dreams were perfect fairy rings.

Tormented by the cut of words, of bullied names that call her, yet Life, she knows, is shining here, in a rainbow of such Bold Colour.

BEAUDESERT – a warm woody Tobacco Amber with CO2 Vanilla, Cardamon, Lemon Verbena, Virginian Cedar, Indian and Australian Sandalwoods (no oud)

Slow, loose, garbled, silt waters slide, biding, unbound, destiny unknown. Ghost-gum rusted, miner’s pan rested, fallen disuse, gnarled deep decay. Whooping, cawed, warbled shrill bones. Feathers, sand-grit, gold-hunted, curling smoke-drift, eucalyptus, red-box.

Splitter hammer stands, brown slips away, slithering, dry, piercing and scorned. Greened, hard bored, salt-borne, cattle-called, grown gone. Locked brittle, peacefully wide, parceled heritage, grappling, seeping, sagged, saddened, dry dried, dusted dirt, lilac shrivelled, crisp and cracked shells

Frost-driven, fire-licked, the gathered fray stands, storyteller, drinker, beast and battery bawl, forty four furnace, log and liquor pagans 

“might rain, might not”, yawn, scratch, nod. 

Wistful winding ways, track and field, goblin’s grotto, mob o’ greys, fishes lane, hollow land, tunnel of time, we’re in here.

SALVATION JANE a radiant woody amber with Mandarin, Ginger, Ylang Ylang, Somali Frankincense, Patchouli and certified Indian Sandalwood

Maerla “Black it with brandy and soot, rub it on, get going, the light’s about to rise and we have so far to run. Be quick.”

Myffanwy “Gaa, sister clip yer tongue. This night’s ours to run and howl”

Maerla “You’ll howl as the wind tears trees apart and roars through the black holey stone, and yeh’ll scree with bitter madness under the sky as the sabbat calls, but ye’ll no see the light o’ day, Shut the door now and whisper only to yer shoes.”

Myffanwy “Yer making too much of it, Maerla, too much of the old times have stuck in yer craw. The burning times, and the drowning days are gone…..”

And Salvation Jane sailed right past them, into the night on a fringed stick of woven light, naked and slick with a swift mercurial flying ointment, on and into the shadows she roamed, hunting. Fully alive.

SAGE SIBIRICAFragrance of the deepest cold, and the enduring spark of survival.

Featured Notes:- Italian Bergamot, Cypress, Black Spruce, Croatian Sage, Clary Sage, Siberian Cedar Resin, Siberian Fir Needle, Ambrette seed, Labdanum and Oakmoss. Pinus Sibirica (Ringing Cedars) yields an utterly beautiful resin, and is the absolute star in this composition.

Here is the chameleon who beats the Drum of Time.

This shaman scent sings of deep connection with nature; it invites the healing of self and community, of spiritual practice and courage to return to the native state of wild being.

Sage Sibirica is a dream-weaver, whose speckled skin is whiter than Arctic Fox, blacker than Ussuri bear, redder than Ruby-throat, more golden than Tamias.


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