Over a period of many years, I sought to craft a comprehensive catalogue of fine fragrances made entirely from plants. It’s been a wondrous time of scent discoveries and a feverish immersion in learning what natural aromatics can achieve in perfumery. 

Steve and I really wanted the business to be sustainable, right from the beginning, so we started very small, and within our limited financial means. Everything was hand-made and totally humble. And, as it evolved, I nurtured it like a seedling by watering it with the very best nutrients (raw materials and premium ingredients) that I could source. A vast amount of research also contributed very strong foundations for every aspect of my studio practice. Together, we decided to keep our packaging pretty minimal, as we wanted the perfume to hold all the power. We love the idea of “minimum promises > maximum delivery!”

This year I have been very inspired to create 15 new fragrances. In the tradition of inter-generational perfume houses of the past, I’ve also taught my family to compose perfumes and they are creating their own beautiful plant-based fragrances. And now we need to make way for the new…

Please enjoy our clearance extravangaza. We’re offering very generous discounts on a whole range of artisanally hand-crafted, original fine fragrances.

Steve has excavated right down to the ground of our storage facility to locate and retrieve all the stock that we’d squirreled away… some of our very vintage stock has odd labels from the distant past. But the perfumes have all been stored in a cool, dark warehouse and are in great shape. Some are very vintage and others have migrated from our 2022 catalogue. Due to many of these items being in limited supply, we are only able to offer these in 30ml spray atomisers. All are discontinued, and all are delicious!

**PS the Australian dollar (AUD) is currently in freefall, trading at less than 0.64 against the USD – which means our international customers will find even more reason to enjoy these prices. We hope it greatly eases the pain of shipping and customs fees. Our Australian customers continue to enjoy free shipping Australia-wide.

It feels so very good to set these wild and fragrant creatures free, to focus on my new catalogue of recent and emerging works ~ TR